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Frequently Asked Questions

The Video Lounge is your video booth and digital guestbook, where your guests can record their personalised video messages within our customised booth spaces.
We do things a bit differently at The Video Lounge. We thought outside the box when it comes to delivering new, unique and fun services which will make your event stand out and that's how The video Lounge was created. Even though guests can also capture Photos, GIF's and Boomerangs within our booth, the Video is the the heart of our service and our main focus. Our booth provides a platform for your guests to let you know their feelings, thoughts and well wishes which will then be compiled and professionally edited into a full digital guestbook film which you can keep forever. Photos are great but they can't capture Uncle Stan's impromptu dance, Cousin Angela's song she created for the occasion or the heartfelt message your Gran really wanted to say to the hosts. You don't always get the opportunity to speak personally to everyone at your event but with The Video Lounge you won't miss any personal messages.
We have an extensive collection of high quality backdrops, materials and decorations to create the perfect setting to record your video messages and to suit your event theme. Due to the multiple customisation options we can provide our clients we don't have images of every set up possible. However once we understand your event theme, we will create a setting that you will love.
Yes we do. We record using a high definition video camera and high quality audio equipment to ensure that we capture excellent sound and imagery.
Yes. Two attendants will assist at your booth for the entire booking time. Our attendants maintain a high level of professionalism and they will ensure that the booth runs smoothly, will help encourage guests to get into the swing of things and will be there to assist with sending and sharing their individual clips.
The Video Lounge team will travel anywhere in South Australia for your event. We do not charge for mileage, however if The Video Lounge team attends an event that requires overnight accommodation due to the distance from Adelaide, an additional fee may be required to be payed by the client.
On top of our standard package inclusions we can also offer a couple extra services for an additional cost. Additional hourly hire ($125 Casual Lounge, $220 Formal/Van Lounge). 30 minutes filming of your event. This will be filmed prior to the operation of the booth and will then be added into your final Digital Guestbook film. ($150 per hr).
Once your guests have recorded their video messages, the screen will give them the option directly after to send their videos, photos, GIF's or boomerangs to themselves via QR scanning or email. Most mobiles allow for QR scanning, which directly sends the clip to your phone. A QR scanning app can also be downloaded, if your mobile phone doesn't automatically allow for QR codes. If wifi is unavailable at your venue or is interrupted, your guests can still input their email address, which will be queued up and sent off once a wifi connection is established.
Yes, we are consistently updating our designs and decorations with the latest event trends and themes and are happy to work with you to create set ups that you will love.
Once the contract has been signed the 15% deposit is required within 48 hours of sending the contract back to us. If the event is cancelled within 3 months of the event date, the deposit will be forfeited. The remaining payment is due four weeks prior to the event date.
All the Lounge packages can be set up both inside or outside, depending on venue access and weather conditions. The Casual and Formal Lounge options are ideal for inside venues, and the Van is perfect for your outdoor event.
The Casual Lounge can reach a min size of 2m x 2m and a max size of 3m x 3m. The Formal Lounge is 3m x 3m in size. The Van Lounge is 5m x 2m in size.
No, we service every type of event. The Video Lounge can be set up at any celebration and corporate event including weddings, birthdays, engagements, conferences, business launches, etc.
The Video Lounge team have an extensive and long background as videographers and photographers. They have a high level of knowledge and skills in the complete video process including filming, camera set ups, audio recording, lighting and video editing. With these skills and knowledge the team are able to whole heartedly understand every aspect of video, their product and drive their passion and love for video through their services directly to their client.
You will receive a downloadable link to your Digital Guestbook within two weeks following your event.
You will be sent a direct link to your private event page containing all the clips and photos captured, within 24 hours following your event.
Yes, we personalise your Digital Guestbook titles in our title template and we will select a number of suitable songs to add to your film. You can make a specific request regarding the song selection (up to 3 songs) 30 days prior to your event, however the use of the songs are subject to copyright conditions.
There is no limit to the number of Video clips, Photos , GIF's and Boomerangs captured during the hire time period.
We do include photos within packages, however we are 100% digital and do not print our photos. This is a conscience decision that we made as we wanted to reduce our level of waste and negative impact on our environment. All your guests can still receive and download their photos directly to their devices for instant sharing to their social sites.
We have always prided ourselves on maintaining a hygienic video booth experience. We have increased our usual hygiene protocols to keep you and your guests safe. • All video booths will be fully sanitised during setup and pack down • Guests will NOT be able to touch the video booth – only the attendant will operate the video booth • We will only attend events where the booth and attendant can be safely distanced from guests • Attendants can wear gloves and face masks at your request • Only attendants that are feeling well and have not travelled from any hotspots in the last 14 days will be at the event. • There will be a limit on how many, and the choice of props will not cover the face (If the client/venue prefers no props, we will happily accommodate this). • All props will be sanitised by the attendant often as possible. • A hand sanitiser station with signage will be provided for guests, to use before and after the video booth, particularly if handling props. • We will remind your guests to use the hand sanitiser provided, social distance and ask for your cooperation in keeping each other safe.
The hire times outlined within the packages do not include the set up and pack down time required to create the Lounge spaces. 1 hour minimum set up time and 1 hour minimun pack down time is required prior and after the hire period is complete.
Please contact The Video Lounge team for our price lists.
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